I’m a father of 3 and husband to 1. I am a writer by trade and hobby. I make up stories that some people like to read on occasion.

I read Cujo when I was twelve. I have wanted to write ever since then. Under another name, I did just that and have achieved a minor degree of success as a horror author with mire than 60 credits to my name. But after giving my life to Christ in 2009, my writing priorities have shifted.

I am now working on a few Christian fiction projects, one of which is very near and dear to my heart. I am also trying to find a successful way to blend horror into Christian fiction in a way that will appeal to non-believers that would otherwise never hear the Gospel.

I still write dark stuff as The Other and God is also working His will in that in ways I would have never thought.

Who is The Other? One day I might reveal it but as for right now, it’s a secret.


3 Responses to About

  1. I have previously read a horror fantasy story – written by a good friend of mine – that posed some interesting questions about contemporary Christianity. The author is a Christian, and the Christian worldview came through clearly, despite the horror elements of the tale. It is possible to blend the two, IMO. One doesn’t have to write “Christian fiction” in order for one’s worldview to shine through a book. I would recommend the story to you, but the author withdrew it from publication over a year ago for personal reasons.

  2. Judy says:

    I read “Jubilee” and was very moved – that there are children being subjected to this type of slavery (or any type of slavery) is heartbreaking. I was just on Amazon looking for another of your books. I will look forward to your new book in the future.

    • wkparks says:

      Thanks so much, Judy! I am currently very close to wrapping up a book that is tentatively titled “Bound” that I hope will be done by May or so. Of course, updates will be posted here on the blog. Thanks again!

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