I typically don’t like making New Years Resolutions. The tradition seems silly to me and just provides one more thing for people to pressure themselves over.

However, as a writer, any means of motivation is worthwhile. And with that said, here are some things I hope to do or do better in 2014.

  • Stop neglecting this blog.
  • Be more active in social media
  • Finally finish my second novel, tentatively titled Bound.
  • Be much less apologetic and silent about my faith.
  • Start sharing the persona stories that are buried in the narrative of Jubilee.
  • Be more open-minded about music.
  • Be more transparent about the origin of WK Parks and why I felt the need for a pen name.
  • Give God more glory.
  • Treat my children much better.
  • Get more involved with organizations geared towards ending human trafficking.
  • Write at least 1,500 words of my own fiction each day.
  • Find a way to let my wife know she is beautiful every day.
  • Being more intentional about prayer.

As a Christian author that struggles in the fields of both faith and fiction, I think it’s a pretty comprehensive list. In many was,the two fields toe together…which is good for me, as it makes it easier to remember all of it.

How about you? Any New Years Resolutions you’re allowing yourself?

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