Run for Their Lives

Last weekend, my family took part in Run for Their Lives, conducted by the amazing human trafficking organization Freedom 4/24 for the third year in a row. It’s always a very humbling experience to take part in something like this, as you get to see the different walks of life that the topic of human trafficking has touched in some way or another.

ImageEach year we have taken part in the race, it has grown larger and larger. Of course, we live in a predominately Christian city, so seeing such a crowd is to almost be expected. But beyond that, there were the smaller details that occurred during the race that really made me feel proud to be a part of it all.

For example, some of the runners write the names of children that are currently victims of human trafficking. This year, a guest speaker at the event was one of the names on the arms of several runners last year. To see those sorts of results and that sort of movement is beyond inspiring.

Also, at one point during the run, I was passed by a man in a wheelchair….going uphill. Talk about humbling…

It’s instances like these that help me to realize that while the real horror of human trafficking and sexual slavery is still running rampant, there are multitudes of people out there that are driven to put an end to it.

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