That Book I Keep Talking About

Well, there are no more excuses. Formatting is done and the final decision has been made as to the fate of the first W.K. Parks book.

I will be releasing my Christian fiction novel, Jubilee, on September 17.

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing a bit more about the book, its creation, the inspiration behind it, and so on.

For now, here’s really all you need to know.

Sometimes freedom is hidden in the darkest of places.

A missions trip for self-discovery and helping those in need takes a dangerous turn when Ryan Fulbright finds himself more involved than he intended.

 While visiting Jubilee House, a rescue home for girls saved from sex trafficking and prostitution in Nicaragua, Ryan haphazardly gets swept up in an ill-advised rescue attempt. Stranded on a mountainside in a foreign country with only his shaken faith and a six year-old girl to help him, Ryan must save not only himself but twenty other little girls as well.


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