Where “The Book” Is Headed

The fate of the book is becoming a bit clearer. My initial batch of agency submissions has come and gone. All of them passed although two in particular gave me reason to hope. In fact, the last rejection I received was better than any acceptance mail I have ever received.

So now we’re down to two small presses that are mulling things over and, of course, the huge temptation to self publish. But being that I am having difficulty getting many followers on the Twitter account, it makes me realize once again just how bad I am at this whole advertising/marketing/non-writing-side-of-writing thing.

Now, before I pose this next question, let me also reveal a tiny bit about the book. It is a fictional account of sexual slavery in an area of the world where it is running rampant. It is based on facts and events I have witnessed myself or have experienced second and third hand.

I pulled no punches in writing the book. I didn’t hide anything behind a curtain, nor did I mute the horror of the reality of sexual slavery and human trafficking. While there are no graphic scenes, it is a book that does have some uncomfortable moments.

So, with that said…

What say you, general public? Non-writers…are you less inclined to buy a self-published book or does it matter so long as the blurb makes it sound okay and the writer is at least somewhat established? And for writers, have you given up on traditional publishing, seeing where the industry is headed, or do you still think agencies and presses are the way to go.

Leave your arguments in the comments below.

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One Response to Where “The Book” Is Headed

  1. st Naija says:

    Well, I want to hear new voices and read new writers. I don’t care how –Traditional or Indie–they are published. It is also a good idea to have read some of their ‘less serious work’ so I can say for sure that I like their style.

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