Going Hybrid

In the previous post, I mentioned that the novel I finished earlier in the year will be out sometime. If I had made the decision to self publish the book, it would have been out about two months ago. But, as I also said in that awkward intro post, I have self published a few titles under a different name. I know the ins and outs of self publishing to some degree (and am more familiar with the outs, if we’re being honest).

Here’s the thing. This novel is my first faith-based novel. I’m not sure I’d go as far as to call it Christian fiction or not, though it probably is at its core. And because I owe the ideas, motivation, inspiration and overall energy behind this novel to God, I decided that it deserved a shot at the biggest stage possible. For that reason, I started shopping it to agencies in January.

Of the 11 I sent it to, 5 have responded. Three of those responses were requests for sample chapters. One of those 5 ended up asking for the full manuscript and even went so far as to work on an initial round of edits with me. That process took about five months and, in the end, while I have yet to hear a definitive “we’re gonna pass,” it sure feels that way.

Currently, one last agency has sample chapters and a lengthy synopsis. I am waiting to hear back from them, although early signs indicate that things are going well and looking favorable. Still, we’ll see.

Now, if this agency passes, I do believe I will go the self publishing route. This is exciting to me mainly because it will be my first faith-based novel to see the light of day. Also, I have recently signed a contract under my other name with a small press for a horror novel I wrote over the last four months. This all equates to me officially being a “hybrid author.”

Sure, I have had novels and other material published in print before (all under that other name which I may just start referring to as The Other from here on out), but it was a few years prior to this quaint self publishing revolution we’re all seeing.

It’s an odd feeling, being a hybrid author. But it’s a good odd.

What are everyone’s feelings on hybrid authors? Do you think it’s a smart move or are authors better off to keep both feet in one world rather than the other?

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