The Awkward First Post

Ah, the first post. It’s kind of like going to a party where you don’t know anybody but start non-apologetically introducing yourself to anyone that you manage to trap in the hallway or kitchen just in front of the snack table.

So, now that I have you in the metaphorical hall/kitchen…

I’ve been toying with the idea of this blog for a while now. There are many reasons I have waited this long but I won’t get into that right here and now (hey, I need blog topics for later dates). The main reason for beginning this blog is to chronicle the events (or non-events) surrounding my writing…in particular, a few Christian fiction books that will soon see the light of day.

As of right now, the first book is being considered by two agencies. It has already been considered and, four months later, turned down by one agency. I have recently made the decision to self-publish the book if these two agencies also decline.

I have self-published several titles under another name and while I love the freedom of self publishing, I also want that validation of succeeding via the traditional route. In my life before coming to Christ, I wrote horror. And, from time to time, I still write it. But now, as a Christ follower, I’m finding that introducing faith into my fiction is not only rewarding, but helps me to better understand some of the struggles I have in my spiritual life.

This blog will also give me room to explore those ideas, struggles, and the link between writing my Christian fiction and the fiction I write under my other name.

Again, I’d delve in for a while here but that seems a bit much for the awkward first post.

Besides, this is the point in that weird party introduction scene where you would have started to pretend that you just got a text or someone is motioning for you to join them in another room. And that’s cool.

I’ll be floating around for a while so if you want to check back in, I’ll be here…in the hallway/kitchen…waiting to share these things with anyone willing to listen.

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